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About Al-Sourayi Int'l Co.

Why choose Al-Sourayi Int’l Co.?

Everyone wants change! Therefore, when it comes to new flooring or furniture, change gives you an exciting experience and a new refreshment. Even though it is not easy to change and it can be hard to make the right choices, At Al Sourayia International Co. we try our best to help you make the best choices in purchasing all the products.

Part of our goals at Al Sourayia is making sure that our customers come first. We aim to help our customers in making the changes in furniture, floorings or whatever they wish to change. You would never face the simple problems of taking measurements as we provide a home consultation service that sends one of our flooring experts to measure, deliver to you the free samples and offer you advice for free! Not only that but we can also help you remove your old flooring and old furniture


We Inspire

We provide our inspiration through the latest styles and trends from our expert interior designers. Our experts are there to always advise you to choose the latest trends and help you make the best inspiration choices. Not only do our experts help you to restyle your home but also to sell your old furniture. We offer plenty of products that ranges from simple to sophisticated, and that is why you will need the advice from our experts. All our product ranges are inspired through different things like for example seasons, to nature, to shapes and so on. It is never easy to make the right choice but it all depends on what you want the outcome to be and which way you want to take when styling your home.


Style and Inspiration

When making styling decisions, let our experts help you with the inspiration. One of our best features that we offer and that has helped many customers is our “Expert Advice.” So if you ever need help or inspiration in making the right choices you can always benefit from our expert advice section. Our experts will provide you with all the advices, hints and ideas to completely transform your home. Our experts are interior designers that have been studying styles for a long time with a huge experience that you can benefit from. Do our experts not only help you in transforming your home but also in guiding you to measure, fit and check for matching for every item you purchase.


Expert Advice

We offer all the advice you are looking for ranging from style recommendation to helping you fit your flooring.


Free samples

If you are ever not sure if you are making the right choices, you can use our free samples service. Through our free samples service you can choose up to four free samples and we will send them to you free so you can get an idea of how they are going to suit your home. This feature was made to ensure that you could make orders with confidence. You can also benefit from our free measuring and fitting service that is done by our flooring experts



Benefit from our free service that allows you to let our expert’s measure for you, estimate the cost and answer all your questions!



We can help you fit any type of flooring you choose from all the different floorings we offer!


We care

Our main goal is to make every step of the purchasing process as easy as we could. Never hesitate to read all the customer reviews left by the customers to check the validation of our easy, simplified processes. Our customers always give us their reviews and feedback after purchasing and fitting their new product. We also have a customer service team that can answer all your questions in case you do not find the answer on the website.


Check the verification of our easy, simplified processes through what our customers have to say.

Customer Services

Always available to answer all your questions

We make it easy

At Al-Sourayi Int’l Co. our aim is to help you find what you are looking for as fast as you could, without wasting time and effort. Our expert team is always there to get you inspired to make the right choices. We also care very much about your experience with us so we take care to make it extremely special. Not only do we make it easy to choose and fit but we also make it easy with our pricing system! Our prices are never to be seen anywhere else! Therefore, if you ever find any item for a lower price within 28 days we will refund you the difference.

Easy at every step

Every step that you go through in the purchasing process is promisingly easy and made simple for you.

Best prices at all

If you ever find the same item for a lesser price, we will give you back the difference!