Learn More about the Mosques Flooring

We all know that the appropriate ground for mosques is the Carpets because of its many advantages that it provides in the ground of any mosque to help the worshipers get what they need during their worship.

The carpet is from the types of carpets woven by knitting machines. It is used as a main element in the decoration. It provides warmth and highlights the beauty of the place and its elegance. It also helps to create an atmosphere of comfort and calm by reducing the noise and sound insulation, especially with its varied shapes, colors and engravings that are compatible with different tastes and style.

And all these advantages make it the most suitable floors for the mosque, but we all know the obstacle we face when using carpet, cleaning it is a difficult task, but with the availability of distinctive ways of cleaning such as: baking soda and vinegar and cleaning materials that help remove stains, as for the usual cleaning is through the vacuum cleaner and the use of floor fresheners and all to ensure the comfort of the worshipers.